IDEAcraft is a strategy, sustainability and information design consultancy. We suport management boards introducing changes that secure companys' mid- and long-term development. We use our experience gained in over one hundred projects for the benefit of Polish and international public and private companies.


About us

Piotr Biernacki has almost 20 years of experience in capital market communications. He specializes in development and management of listed companies’ communications strategies. He has advised over one hundred companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Euronext and OMX. He has been author and coordinator of numerous research projects concerning investor relations and he co-created self-regulatory acts for the Polish capital market.

Since 2015 Piotr is President of the Management Board of the Foundation for Reporting Standards, which aims at improvement of the quality of information, reporting and communications on capital and financial markets. He is also member of the Corporate Reporting Working Group with Europeanissuers.





Justyna Biernacka has nearly 15 years of experience in design, architecture, green building and sustainability. She has created sustainable development strategies and introduced innovative green building solutions in housing and commercial development projects. She has trained management boards in sustainability, placemaking and CSR issues.

Justyna is active in helping local communities to develop in partnership with NGOs, business and urban authorities. Justyna is member of the Association of Polish Architects and member of the expert team for Warsaw Local Centres. She is co-founder of Moja Narbutta Association (NGO supporting local community in the Stary Mokotow district in Warsaw).






Feel free to contact us:

email: info [at] theideacraft.com

phone/Piotr:   +48.693.330.003

phone/Justyna: +48.512.233.171